2012 Saab 9-4X with a starting price tag of $34,205


The 2012 Saab 9-4X crossover is scheduled for delivery at dealerships throughout the country by May 2011. It will have a starting price of $34,205 plus $825 in destination charges, and it will be available in three trim levels of Base, Premium and Aero.

The base 2011 Saab 9-4X front-wheel-drive model is equipped with a 3.0-liter direct-injected V6 producing 265 horsepower to provide a fuel return of about 20 miles per gallon combined. Up a notch is the Saab 9-4X Premium priced at about $38,075 plus destination charges. The Saab 9-4X Premium is equipped with the same 3.0-liter engine as the base model, but it is equipped with the all-wheel drive system, XWD.

And in the top-of-the-line model is the 2011 Saab 9-4X Aero that is priced at $48,835. It is equipped with a 2.8-liter turbocharged V6 (similar to the V6 turbocharged engine found in the Cadillac SRX) that produces a 300 horsepower and 295 pound-feet of torque. Power is shifted through an all-wheel drive system. Fuel economy on the V6 turbocharged engine is estimated at about 18 mpg combined.

If you’ve noticed, the 2012 Saab 9-4X resembles the Cadillac SRX. Well, it is. The Saab 9-4X was orginally developed by GM and shared much its design with the Cadillac SRX. In price comparison with the Cadillac SRX, the 2012 Saab 9-4X pricing is relatively the same with prices offset between $400 to $1000 between the two crossovers.

We can safely assume that the 2012 Saab 9-4X driveability is pretty much the same or maybe better than the Cadillac SRX, that is, if Saab engineers took care some of the nuisances found in the current Cadillac SRX.