2012 Volkswagen Golf R is officially headed for the U.S.


Volkswagen officially announced the arrival of the 2012 VW Golf R to America. The tuned 2012 Golf R will replace out the Golf R32 that was introduced to the U.S. a few years ago. This is exciting news to all those VW Golf fans out there. And now lets look at its performance numbers.

The 2012 VW Golf R will be powered by Volkswagen’s new turbocharged 2.0-liter four-cylinder engine to replace out the popular VR6 engine found on the Golf 32R. So far, Volkswagen hasn’t displayed performance numbers for this turbocharged engine yet, but from comparison with the European version, its power output is about 270 horsepower and 258 pound-feet of torque. Power is transferred through a manual transmission and to VW’s fourth generation Haldex 4Motion all-wheel drive system.

To provide more stability and traction for the power increase, VW will be adding larger disc brakes, an upgraded sport tuned suspension, 18-inch alloy wheels, and sport tuned ESP.

The 2012 VW Golf R will be available as a two-door or four-door. Appearance wise, the Golf R comes an exclusive bodykit that includes door sills, and front and rear fascia with dual, center exit, exhaust. Other features include unique interior trim, steering wheel, R badges, and shift knob, which are all exclusively to the R model.

We are just excited to see this car see the 2012 Volkswagen Golf R in action when it arrives a few months from now. It is going to be exciting when it hit up with the Ford Focus RS. So stay tuned as we’ll have more details coming up.

Key attributes:
• 2.0L turbocharged engine with significant hp increase over GTI
• 4th generation Haldex 4Motion – all wheel drive
• Increased rotor diameter translating to improved braking
• Sport tuned ESP
• Upgraded sport tuned suspension
• 2 door or 4 door
• Manual Transmission Only
• Unique 18″ alloy wheels
• Unique steering wheel
• Unique interior trim
• Exterior R model badge and bodykit
• R model shift knob
• R model door sills
• R model front and rear fascia with dual, center exit, exhaust