2010 Convertible Camaro by NCE


Chevrolet unveiled the Camaro Coupe Concept at the 2006 North American International Auto Show in Detroit.  It got good reviews, and the critics are liking it very much.  Chevrolet decided to build the concept Camaro as a production model by the year 2010.  Chevrolet announced that the production model will retain much of the look from the concept model.  At the beginning of 2009, Chevrolet announced that a Camaro Convertible will also join the Camaro family.  

Let’s pass forward, this is summer of 2009, and we’ve have seen the production model is already selling in Chevrolet dealership all over the country.  Chevrolet stay tru to its word, the production model looks almost identical to the concept model.  So far we haven’t seen the convertible model yet, but have no fear because Newport Convertible Engineering has come to the rescue.

NCE has successfully completed the first 2010 Chevy Camaro Convertible conversion.  Not only NCE chopped off the roof, but it also added its 24-inch wheels in the back and 22-inch wheels in the front.  Chrome grills are also added in front.  NCE claims that the convertible top does not added additonal weight to the car, however, the rear seats seem a bit narrower to accommodate the folding of the fabric top.  Access to the trunk from the rear seats now is unvailable due to the additional support structure added to the Camaro SS when the hard top is no longer there.  The top is constructed of fine German canvas with insulated material to keep road noise down.

It takes about 10 seconds to open and close the convertible top by releasing two latches in front and pressing a rocker switch.  A rear defroster is also included in the convertible package.  When riding the there is little wind buffeting and the cabin noise seemed quite, but the ride its a bit rough when you hit unven pavement on the road due to the large wheels.

The price for the Camara Convertible conversion is about $16,000, and you will have to provide the Camaro.