Mercedez-Benz Mega City Mobility car to address future urban transportation


Just about every car manufacturer got its own version of a mini subcompact car, and Mercedes-Benz is no exception either. It is working hard to produce its own little version subcompact car for the metropolitan, which will compete with the likes of BMW MegaCity and Audi.

According to Autocar, it reports that Mercedes-Benz has at the moment is getting its creators to figure out an ideal design for an alternative-fuel metropolis car. Presently, the venture is believed to be working within the subject name “Mega City Mobility.” Autocar also states that Mercedes-Benz intends to counteract with cars much like the BMW MegaCity.

Perhaps surprisingly, the Mega City Mobility venture is located in Japan, where the Mercedes-Benz states that Japan’s focus on sensible methods to address spatial constraints offers lots of creativity to design the Mega City Mobility. Up to now, designers have developed one clay model.

Source: Autocar