Hyundai Curb crossover concept is coming to Detroit Auto Show


Hyundai just showed off its teaser photos of the Curb crossover concept, and has announced that it will debut the Curb at the 2011 Detroit Auto Show in a few days. It will be a treat to see what Hyundai got in stored for this crossover utility vehicle (CUV).

From what we can tell and have had experience with Hyundai’s design, the Curb looks like a combination of Range Rover Evoque and Infiniti FX models. It has curvy lines that is similar to the Infiniti FX while the platform is similar to the Range Rover Evoque. There is also the possibility that this design concept may spill over onto future Tucson crossovers.

As for the interior photo, it has a high-tech layout, which is for show only. Much like other concept interior designs, it is highly, unlikely that the interior will ever make to production.

We will have more details when the Hyundai Curb concept makes its world premiere on Monday, January 10, 2011 at the Detroit Auto Show.