Mercedes-Benz C111 back to life as Ciento Once protype by GWA Tuning


A classic supercar design brought back to the modern world that is dreamt up by GWA Tuning. The supercar is which called the Ciento Once, which means in Spanish as “one hundred eleven.” From a glance, one could mistakenly it for the old Ferrari with its star wheel.

The Ciento Once supercar is a unique factory prototype that brings back the exhilaration of the 1970s of the Mercedes-Benz C111. The Ciento One exhibited the height of performance engineering and the rules of aerodynamics, and still one of the most sophisticated prototypes ever developed by Mercedes.

GWA Tuning has breathed new life into the C111 formula that is equipped with the Wankel engine of the original for the AMG M120 V12. Power outout is now 408 horsepower, which is transferred through six-speed transmission. GWA Tuning also added new brakes from the Mercedes-Benz S55 AMG to provide stop power for this revitalized beast.

Source: GWA Tuning