Toyota A-BAT pickup may join Prius family


Yet another onslaught of the Toyota Prius lineup. We’ve seen Prius in almost every platform, from coupe to station wagon. And now a truck version? Word has it that Toyota is adding a pickup truck version to its Prius lineup, but will it have enough power to haul like a truck?

If such an endeavor is real, then we would have some kind of a hybrid pickup. A possibility of reviving the Advanced Breakthrough Aero Truck (A-BAT) hybrid pickup concept that was debuted at the 2007 Detroit Auto Show.

“Prius means high mpg, low environment impact,” said Carter, adding that a pickup truck could join the family “possibly, if it meets the criteria. It’s not off the table, but nothing is decided at this point.”

Toyota is exploring the ideal to make trucks more fuel efficient, which the A-BAT concept uses a hybrid drivetrain system and unibody construction to provide an aerodynamic, compact shape.

Toyota had paused the ideal of making a new truck due to the instability of the truck market from two years ago, and now it is opening the idea again.

“The pickup truck has been very volatile over the past few years,” Carter said. “We’re trying to understand what pickup truck consumers are going to want in the future. Right now with the Tacoma in the compact truck market, we have nearly a 45 percent market share. The consumer says for that truck market that they still want a rugged body-on-frame.”

“We’re open and studying it,” Carter said.

  • Jason

    I would love to buy one!

  • Jeffysimpson

    Just what I’ve been waiting for. 

  • Jason

    I would buy one ASAP!!!

  • Atrank1007

    I love it, but skip the hybrid option.

  • Michael

    add bike mounts (inside the tail gate) and make sure it can pull at least 4000 lbs and I’ll buy it!! 

  • John

    I’ll buy it!

  • Paul

    WOW I am in love with that truck
    Sooner or later , one company will built a hybrid truck
    Hurry up TOYOTA and be the first company to put it on the market
    The look of it is awsome and the folding middle gate is not just practical but also fun in the wind.
    There is a market out there for sure. 

  • Calitruckguy

    This A-Bat truck design is crazy. First time that I’ve ever seen such a nice design from Toyota

  • Juck K.

    If they build it, I will buy.

  • UTE user


  • Matt W

    Release it Toyota! U.S. market needs a legitimate compact pick up again, not these gigantic Tacomas. With Mahindra’s struggles, now is the perfect time.

  • 132 Miles per day commuter in Colorado

    Toyota, I drive about 132 miles a day for work and would love to help you all with live testing in all kinds of weather. I live in Colorado and the weather is always changing here. I’m sure this level of testing would be very benificial to the release of this vehicle.


  • RacerX

    To jcnet: Just a note…the Tundra is manufacturered and assymbled in Texas which reside in the USA, AND the Tacoma is as well. The manufacturers you mentioned in your post manufacture and assymble their products in Mexico and Canada…so when you say you’re an “American” truck kind of guy…don’t you mean “North” American truck?

    As for the A-BAT…bring it on. Very fashion forward looks (which I’m sure will be tamed down a bit by the time it makles it to market) and a Hybrid…what more can onoe ask for. I’d use it as a Daily Commuter during week days, and then pull the jet ski to thelake on week-ends, a long it serving any of the household needs (hauling plants, potting soil, etc, etc.

    I’m in! Let’s get cranking Toyota…there IS a market for this vehicle!!!!

  • motorheadguy

    That is an awesome truck. If only American trucks have the same taste as this.

  • jim

    come on toyota, stop teasing us and just make the freakin hybrid truck!!!

  • jcnet

    .. I’m going to be very disappointed if Toyota get’s to market with this before GM, Ford or Dodge.

    I’m an American Truck kinda guy. But am so intruiged by this design. a Versatile/disappear midgate! Brilliant.

    I’m not sure it will be the right fit for me – but do think American Truck makers have completely missed a big segment of the market.

    It’s time for a truck larger than the Ranger, but smaller than F150. Don’t need it to tow 10,000lbs pounds.. just 5,000lbs. Don’t need it to have 400hp, just 280hp. 11mpg is just not good enough, need a real world mpg average combined of twice that! around 22mpg.

    Great job Toyota! If GM does not go there I hope Kia or Hyundai do. Maybe something like a Hyundai Curb truck.

  • Tom benoy

    I want one now, I have been waiting for Toyota to bring it out ever sence they had in car show.