2013 Chrysler 300 Hybrid is in the works


Chrysler is slow to adapt to the hybrid scene in its luxury segment, well, better late than never. It plans to have a hybrid version of the 2011 Chrysler 300 by 2013. According to CEO Sergio Marchionne during the Detroit Auto Show, he confirmed that a hybrid powertrain is in the works.

We can assume that a V6 Pentastar engine will be coupled with an electric motor and eight-speed automatic transmission for the 2013 Chrysler 300 Hybrid. How will this translate into fuel saving is still unknown, but we bet that it will be around 26 to 29 miles per gallon, or else it wouldn’t be economic feasible in terms of fuel saving incentive and cost to own for customers.

Chrysler is not the only automaker that is slowly adapting to the hybrid powertrain system in the luxury segment, Audi and BMW are working on the 5 Series ActiveHybrid and A6 Hybrid for their mid-range luxury segment. And Lexus already has an electrified version of the GS 450h sedan.