2012 Honda CR-Z turbo in the works


The Honda CR-Z may be not the most fuel-saving car nor does it provide the most power under the hood either for an eco-sports car. With its flimsy 122 horsepower engine and an electric motor combined, and yet, it could only provide a 38 miles per gallon fuel economy; compare to other “green” cars, it is way below the list. Still, it is a fresh idea and style sports car that came to reality.

So, Honda is addressing this issue with a turbocharged Honda CR-Z instead, and dropping the electric motor. Autocar reports that the Honda CR-Z turbo is currently being pushed for production, and it will come in two variations of 160-hp and 200-hp versions. Autocar also states that the Honda CR-Z turbo will make its debut at the Tokyo Motor Show in December.

Now this all sounds great for all the Honda CR-Z enthusiasts, but we need to reserve that this is just a rumor for now. Until we have a definite source, which Autocar didn’t mention, we can only speculate for now. But if it’s true, we can see the Honda CR-Z turbo will be based on the CR-Z concept from the SEMA show late last year.

Source: Autocar

  • HEHE

    Im will buy this car if the HYBRID BULLSHIT is removed from the car.

    light weight is what we want not extra weight!

    But as it sounds HONDA cant get their shit together with this car!!!!