Honda CR-Z pumps to 271 horsepower with HKS supercharger


Talk about blazing fast to the market. Just last week we reported a possibility of a CR-Z turbocharged by Honda, and today, a Japanese tuning firm Silk Blaze unleashed its first concept Honda CR-Z supercharged at the Tokyo Auto Salon with a body kit that almost resembles to the Honda CR-Z that was debuted at SEMA.

Silk Blaze attached an HKS supercharger to the Honda CR-Z’s1.5-liter four-cylinder engine, which raises the final power output to 271 horsepower with the combination of the electric motor.

As we can see, the Silk Blaze Honda CR-Z comes with a full body kit that includes a new front bumper with a fresh grille design, side skirts, a rear wing and a new rear bumper. In addition, a rear air diffuser with three-exhaust pipe openings in the center to match the supercharged exhaust. To top it off, Silk Blaze added deep-dish 19-inch alloy wheels covered with 225R30 tires.

Looks like the fun factor is back for the Honda CR-Z. Tuners all of the world will be salivating on this supercharged Honda CR-Z.