Toyota FT-86 Concept II to make its appearance at Geneva Motor Show


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Toyota can’t seem to make up its mind since the introduction of the Toyota FT-86 Concept two years ago. Initially, it wanted to make an affordable sports car, which didn’t turn out so after a few calculations that proved to be not cost effective.

And Toyota went back to the drawing board again to make it cheaper by putting a smaller displacement engine in it, but that got canned as well due to its dismal power, which couldn’t justify itself as a sports car. Then Toyota got hit with a major recall that devastated the company’s name and finance, and the Toyota FT-86 was put in a slow mode. The last time we heard that the Toyota FT-86 was going to be an electric or hybrid version, as well as a four door version and under the Scion brand.

Now it is 2011, Toyota just announced the unveiling of the Toyota FT-86 Concept II at the Geneva Motor Show this March. Yes, you’ve read right, “II”. Hopefully that there won’t be a part “III” and that the updated Toyota FT-86 II is what we can expect the production model will be like. Subaru has already confirmed a few weeks ago that it’s rear-wheel drive sports car that was being jointly developed with Toyota is coming to the 2011 Geneva Motor Show as well, and we’ve already seen its photos.

Toyota stated that the FT-86 II will prove the automaker has a “reborn passion for sports car driving.” And now the lingering question, can Toyota still achieve its goal to produce an affordable rear-drive sports car under $20,000? We have much doubt.

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New Toyota concept to hint at next sports car

Brussels – The 2011 Geneva motor show will mark the premiere of a new evolution of the FT-86 sports concept vehicle presented for the first time at the 2009 Tokyo motor show. The FT-86 II concept will give the clearest indication yet of the final design for Toyota’s next sports car. Toyota has over 50 year-long history of creating exciting sports cars, and this new concept embodies the company’s reborn passion for sports car driving.