Voluntary recall on 245,000 Lexus GS and IS models


11916Lexus GS300″ /Lexus-GS300

Lexus has announced of a voluntary safety recall on about 245,000 Lexus GS and IS models in the U.S. due to a potential defect at the fuel sensor that may cause fuel leakage. The affected models include the 2006-2007 GS300 and GS350, 2006-2009 IS 250, and 2006-2008 IS 350.

Lexus stated that the connection between the fuel pressure sensor and a certain fuel line could loosen over time due to insufficient tightening, and as a result, a potential fuel leak can occur over time. So far, no reports of accidents or injuries related to this voluntary recall.

Affected vehicles will be inspected at any Lexus dealership, and if no leakage is found, the sensor will be properly tightened. If there is a fuel leak, the gasket between the fuel sensor and the delivery pipe will be replaced. All free of charge, of course.