Mach7 Falcon supercar to hit Detroit Auto Show


Mach7 Motorsports just quitely listed its new supercar called the Falcon for the Detroit Auto Show. So far, the small boutique car manufacturer plans to produce 15 units per year.

Little is known about the car, but the Mach7 Falcon is completely produced on a carbon fiber frame, which it weights in at about 2,850 pounds. The Mach7 Falcon is powered by a 640-hp engine, and we don’t have specific details of the engine make or model.

However, the Mach7 Falcon supercar is equipped with modern technogies within the engine bay as well as the cockpit. Within the interior, we can see leather seats and carbon fiber moddings just like any supercar. In addition, the Mach7 Falcon is equipped with power steering, power windows, navigation system, Bluetooth, Bose audio system and iPod input.

That’s all we know for now, so stay tuned, we’ll have more details on this American supercar when it hits the show.