Chevrolet Volt will be available throughout U.S. by the end of 2011


While we know that the arrival of the new Chevrolet Volt is on its way, but it is initially set available to certain designated states in the U.S., and these states are Washington DC, California, New York, New Jersey, Texas and Connecticut. Why these states in first place? Well, GM did a study, and it found that these states show the most interest and with a large population density.

If you really want to get a Volt when it comes out in March, you can fly to Detroit, Michigan and buy one. For other states, advertising of the Chevrolet Volt won’t start till the second quarter of 2011, and it won’t be available for sale till fourth quarter of 2011.

Chevrolet dealerships have received numerous requests for the Volt by its customers, and by which GM had limited the number of showroom Volt model to one per dealership. Is it really that GM in short supply of the Chevrolet Volt for such a high demand or GM has been playing around with the “supply and demand” graph? We think the latter.