Volkswagen may bring back Scirocco and Phaeton to U.S.


Volkswagen may release the VW Scirocco and Phaeton sedan in the U.S. as part of its expansion for North American market to compete with GM and Toyota. The two cars will help boost Volkswagen’s image as sporty, modern and affordable.

According Bloomberg News, Jonathan Browning, head of Volkswagen’s U.S. operations, said,“We will reconsider bringing the Phaeton back to the U.S. in the next product cycle.”

“VW wants to capture U.S. buyers by rolling out more emotional cars and the Scirocco certainly fits that category,” said Frank Schwope, a NordLB analyst in Hanover. “In terms of volume sales, the Scirocco and Phaeton are only decorative accents, they won’t be crucial for VW’s goal to greatly increase deliveries”.

VW ended the import of the Scirocco back in the late 80’s. It had a successful live in the U.S. from 70’s to the 80’s, while the Phaeton wasn’t so successfuel, which had a short-live that ended in 2006.

Currently, the VW Scirocco is offered in Europe with a few engine configurations ranging from 140-hp diesel engine to a 2.0-liter turbo engine producing 265 horsepower for the “R” model. The 140-hp engine is said to provide 52.3 miles per gallon.