Audi cautiously plans to roll out its R8 and A1 etron all-electric cars


Even though Audi is committed to producing more hybrid vehicles, it is still being cautious about producing full battery powered cars. Especially, when it is time to roll out its new R8 and A1 etron all-electric cars.

Audi plans to launch the limited production battery-powered R8 e-tron at the end of 2012 and will conduct testing of its A1 e-tron this summer. With current market situation, Audi doesn’t have much prediction on the future of electric vehicles, so it is planning to produce less than 1000 units of the battery-powered R8.

Recently, Automotive News Europe questioned Audi’s CEO Stadler about the Audi’s electric-drive future. He responded, “We will start with the launch of a Q5 hybrid in Europe this spring, the A6 hybrid follows at the end of the year and an A8 hybrid in 2012.”

Further questioning, and he responded,

“We are still in the early phase with the electric vehicle, in terms of commercialization and whether the cars will be sold or leased, or will just be a collector’s car. First of all we have to industrialize the lithium-ion-battery. This is happening with the hybrid cars which now have the role of a bridge technology. We should not overplay euphoria for electric vehicles. Our industry is in the middle of a system change and we still have a lot of challenges to solve.”

So there you have it about the future of Audi’s electric vehicles in a nutshell.