Suzuki Swift S-Concept is bigger and sportier


If you are in the market for a rocket pocket that is not only fun to drive but also gives good gas mileage and easy on the pocket, then the Suzuki Swift maybe the right choice. Suzuki has just unveiled the Swift S-Concept model at the Geneva Motor Show.

The Suzuki Swift S-Concept is a a stylish sport compact car with premium performance. Its appearance is bold and agile to reflect its sporty and exciting look. Its body is 30mm lower and 60mm wider than that of the standard Swift to provide a strong visual presence.

The dynamic and aggressive look is further enhanced with pronounced front and rear bumpers along with a big rear spoiler. In addition, a set of 18-inch wheels and high-tech headlamps and rear combination lamps provide a sense of solidity and stability.

Suzuki released few details about the S-Concept, and we are not sure if it will ever make to production. Oh well, the standard Suzuki Swift will do for now.