Next-generation Ford Mustang’s design goes global


As we know, the Ford Mustang is an iconic muscle car in the North America. Now, Ford is taking steps to have the Mustang as the world’s icon car by having the next Mustang to be design globally. In a sense, the next Mustang design will input around the world.

According to Derrick Kuzak, Ford’s group vice president for global product development, states that the next-generation Mustang will have styling themes proposed by studios in Europe, Australia and other regions.

“It is a common process we use on every vehicle. When we embark on a new product, particularly one that is all new, it involves all of the studios. Then J Mays, [Ford’s global design chief] and the design team pick the best of those themes,” when Derrick Kuzak told reporters in Geneva.

As you can see in the 2006 Mustang concept design in the pictures above, it is greatly influenced with European styling with great elegance and sophistication. The idea from Derrick Kuzak sounds good, but that is going against the grain of Ford’s business model, which is to produce large quantity of standard quality vehicles and sell them at an affordable price for the masses.