2011 Hennessey HPE600 Camaro convertible boosted to 602 horsepower


Back in October of last year, Hennessey released the HPE700 Chevrolet Camaro convertible that has been modified to 755 horsepower and 763 pound-feet of torque using the LS9 engine from the Corvette ZR-1. But that limited edition run was only 24 units built. And now today, Hennessey has officially unveiled another version called the HPE600 Camaro convertible.

“We were excited to receive one of the first 2011 Camaro SS convertibles from Chevrolet,” says company founder and president, John Hennessey. “It was only natural that we would take the new Camaro SS convertible and upgrade it with our very popular HPE600 Supercharged upgrade. If having a 602 horsepower Camaro is cool and fun to drive then being able to drop the top takes the sensation of speed and the classis sound of American-muscle to a whole new level.”

The 2011 Hennessey HPE600 Camaro convertible is a bit less potent than last year model. It is based on the 2011 Camaro SS convertible, which Hennessey added a supercharger to the V8 engine to produce 602 horsepower. That’s about 172 horsepower more than the Camaro SS production model. To provide stability and grip to the ground, a 1-inch lowered KW adjustable coilover suspension system had to be used in combination with wider 20-inch wheels (9.5 x 20 inch fronts, 10.5 inch rears) wrapped in super-sticky Michelin Pilot Super Sport tires (275/30-20 fronts, 305/30-20 rears).

“The new convertible Camaro is about 250 lbs heavier than the hardtop,” states Hennessey CEO, Don Goldman. “But when you add nearly 200 horsepower, it more than makes up for the increased weight. When you are cruising down your favorite road with the top down, the combined sound of supercharger and exhaust makes it all worth it!”

Performance numbers will tell you that this Camaro to be reckoned with. The HPE600 Camaro convertible is capable of sprinting from 0-60 mph in just 3.9 seconds and with a quarter-mile in just 12 seconds flat at 118 mph.

Of course, the 2011 Hennesey HPE600 Camaro convertible doesn’t come cheap. The base cost for the HPE600 Supercharged Camaro convertible is about $56,495, which includes the Camaro SS convertible MSRP of $40,500 plus $15,995 for the HPE600 Supercharged bolt-on. Just in case you somehow manage to break the car in the moment of exhilarating of metal to petal, Hennessey offers a 3-year/36,000 mile powertrain warranty in the package as well.

Besides the performance upgrades, the HPE600 Supercharged Camaro convertible comes with upgraded wheels, tires, suspension and CarbonAero carbon fiber front splitter and side sills, which set you back about about $74,950 plus tax, title and license. Ouch! Might well just get a Corvette ZR-1 instead. The Hennessey Camaros are getting strangely expensive like its counterpart, the Saleen Mustangs; the modification doesn’t justify the price.