Ford Mustang Boss 302 configurator is online


Now you can build your Boss 302 Mustang online with the configurator. The online configurator will let you build from a standard Boss Mustang 302 up to the top-range Laguna Seca version.

The Ford Boss Mustang 302 initially let you choose between two packages of the Rapid Spec-500A (standard) and the Rapid Spec-501A (Laguna Seca package). The Boss Mustang 302 Rapid Spec-500A starts at $40,995, while the Rapid Spec-501A starts at $47,990.

In both packages, engine power remains the same, but the Laguna Seca package gets the standard package plus upgraded equipment such as 19×9-inch front and 19×10-inch rear machined aluminum wheels, red pedestal spoiler, guage pack for engine temperature and oil pressure, Recaro sport seats, front brake cooling ducts, front air splitter, 3.73 rear axle with helical differential, and rear springs and stabilizer bar.

We top out the Mustang Boss 302 with the configurator, and it came out to be $48,465. So, head to the Ford Mustang Boss 302 online configurator and build one for yourself. In the meantime, check out the Mustang Boss 302 in action below.