Lagonda crossover confirmed for production by Aston Martin


If first you don’t succeed, try, and try again; third time is a charm. Aston Martin plans to revive the Lagonda crossover as a high-end model. This would help Lagonda establish a new market for super-luxury SUVs in emerging markets such as Russia and China.

The Lagonda crossover was first revived in 1993 at the Geneva Motor Show, but it received negative reviews at the show that Aston Martin had to ditch the crossover concept. Then it was revised and debuted again at the 2008 Geneva Motor, which it got an “OK” review. Now the Lagonda crossover concept style is riped for its time, perhaps maybe. The style of the Lagonda crossover is still a bit odd looking, especially the rear end. Is it a car or a crossover? Aston Martin has really blurred that distinction.

The reason why Aston Martin thinks that the Lagonda crossover would do well in countries like Russia and China is because of poor road conditions, and the Lagonda crossover would able to tackle the harsh terrain and weather. To enhance their appeal in these markets, the Lagonda crossover will offer armoured versions of its models.

The Lagonda will be built as a four-door and four-seat crossover.  And it will have four-wheel drive to be able to tackle the tough terrain.  According to Aston boss Ulrich Bez, the pricing range of the Lagonda crossover will be from £100,000-300,000. Very expensive indeed, which is equivalent to the price of a Ferrari sports car.

Currently, Aston Martin is looking for partners to build the Lagonda crossover. Specifically, financial backup and an automotive partner to provide chassis and drivetrain technologies.

Source: Autocar