Cobra iRadar app for Android smartphones available this April


Cobra Electronics Corporation (COBR), the leading manufacturer of radar detection devices, today announced its latest Cobra iRadar for Android smartphones. The Cobra iRadar for Android smartphones is based on the similar version for the iPhone that was released in October of last year.

The Cobra iRadar uses Bluetooth wireless technology to connect with the free Cobra iRadar app, which is downloaded to any smartphone with the Android system. Once the application software is installed, it can display all radar and laser alerts. Users can also configure detector settings to alert of photo enforcement locations using AURA database system, which is constantly updated with with information such as speed limits, red light with camera locations, and known speed traps locations.

COBR is also working on a new crowd-sourcing system that enables iRadar users to upload there own data to share with other iRadar users with the use of the GPS location. The crowd-sourcing system won’t be available till next year.

The Cobra iRadar Android app and required hardware will go on sale in April, and it is expect to have similar pricing as the iPhone version, at $130. In the meantime, you get the current COBRA iRadar for about $125 at Amazon.