Video: 2012 BMW M5 officially fully uncovered


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BMW has officially released another video of the 2012 BMW M5, where we get to see the fully exposed 2012 BMW M5. This will be its second video clip of the new BMW M5 since a few weeks ago. We also get to see the interior of the new BMW M5 in this latest video as well.

BMW still continues with its replacement of the V10 engine with a biturbo V8 engine, which BMW claims that it is more powerful and fuel efficient than the current V10 engine. In addition, BMW will throw out the manual transmission as well. Only an automatic transmission with paddle shifters located on the steering will be available, which we think BMW has made a right choice. Truly, not many who buy this luxury sport sedan would want a stick shift to begin with.

For now, enjoy a video of the 2012 BMW M5 below.