Free PlugShare app to find EV charging stations in neighborhood


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Xatori, Inc. just created a free app called PlugShare for compatible iPhone, iPod touch and iPad users to find an EV charging station in a neighbor’s garage. The PlugShare is a community-driven electric vehicle (EV) charging network that lets you find places to charge and connect with other EV enthusiasts.

The app is easy to use, it asks for a local address or U.S. zip code. It then displays sources of electric fuel, both public and private with green and blue icons to distinct between standard outlet, EV Plug, and charging station.

The PlugShare app required participation from the electric vehicle community, which it asks for addresses to be input into the database. And that sounds a bit risky to some participants to let strangers into their homes, but there are some do not mind sharing their addresses.

Source: iTune AppStore