Ford B-Max MPV will be available only in Europe


Ford has launched the first official video clip of the new Ford B-Max Concept, which was shown two weeks ago at the 2011 Geneva Motor Show. The Ford B-Max is a pre-production compact MPV that is based on the Fiesta platform.

The pre-production Ford B-Max is near production stage in terms style and mechanical designs. It features panoramic glass roof, wraparound tailgate glass, and LED fog lamps to enhance the design and functionality.

The Ford B-Max does not have a B-pillar, instead it has a stabilizing structural beam running from roof to floor that are located between the front and back seating sections. There is a wide opening between the A and C pillars. Passengers and cargos can be unloaded through the wide side door opening. That’s convenient for the European narrow streets and tight parking space.  The Ford B-Max features 60/40 split rear seats, which can be folded flat to provide storage space of up to 7.71 feet long.

The Ford B-Max MPV will be powered by the new 1.0 turbocharged three-cylinder gasoline-powered direct injection engine from the EcoBoost family. The engine comes with a twin independent variable cam timing to reduce fuel consumption and carbon emissions. To further enhance fuel economy, it is also equipped with ‘auto-start-stop’ technology to automatically shuts down the engine at stop lights and restarts when the driver’s foot is not on the brake.

Ford plans to make the B-Max available for European market in 2012, and the U.S. won’t get the B-Max due to two Fiesta versions of a four-door sedan and a five-door hatchback are already being sold in the States.