Amari Design plans to supercharge the Bentley Continental GT to 745 hp


Not everyone can easily own a Bentley Continental GT, so you don’t even see too many of it around town. And the idea of having the Bentley Continental GT modified is even out of everyone’s mind. Well, the Bentley Continental GT is not for everyone in the first place. It is built for the extravagant rich folks like superstars and successful businessmen who can afford a bit of tuning.

There are many tuning companies out there that have taken a stab at the Bentley Continental GT, but none is more unique than the modified Bentley Continental GT from Amari Design. The company has just released two teaser photos of the modified Bentley Continental GT, which includes a wide body kit, interior upgrades and a few modifications of the engine.

For starter, the front bumper will be reshaped with large functional vents to cool the front brakes as well as enhance the sporty appearance. At the rear, wide body fenders are extended in front and rear to accommodate the larger wheels. In addition, the hood is modified to provide two air outlets to cool the supercharger and provide aerodynamic airflow. Side skirts and lip spoiler further enhance the aerodynamic characteristic of the Bentley Continental GT, and while the rear bumper receives a carbon fiber air diffuser and a fixed boot spoiler. Amari Design finished off with the exterior with its own AD1 forged-wheel set. The four wheels are constructed of three forged pieces with deep concave six spokes.

As for the interior, the Bentley Continental GT will be upgraded with carbon fiber trims and upholstered seats in both Napa leather and Alcantara. The carbon fiber trimmings on the dash paneling, steering wheel and door hand supports.

And underhood, the Bentley Continental GT will get a supercharger, a sports exhaust system and a new ECU to boost power in the stratosphere of 745 horsepower.

Amari Design is a new tuning company, and we are pretty sure that its founders aren’t new to the auto tuning scene. Lately, Amari Design has been pushing a lot of new tuning products in papers to the market, and its two teaser photos of the modified Bentley Continental GT maybe just a publicity stun. Whatever the intend, Amari Design sure got one stunning paper product of the modified Bentley Continental GT, and we would hope to see the design comes to reality. In the end, Amari promises to have the first appearance of its supercars in Preston, UK by the end of May. We’ll keep you posted, so stay tuned…