Video: Take a ride in the Chevrolet Volt


135402011 Chevrolet Volt-1″ /2011-Chevrolet-Volt-1

If you haven’t driven the new Chevrolet Volt before, well, you can feel the action in this video of the Chevrolet Volt at the Laguna Seca track. No you won’t feel the adrenaline pumping with the experience in the Volt, but you can almost hear all the road noises.

The Chevrolet Volt hybrid/electric car is riding on full electric motors. It uses the gasoline engine as an electric generator to produce juice for the battery and electric motors. The thrust on this car is dead silent with only just the motors are humming in this video; it can be a bit boring compare to conventional vehicles. Maybe an engine soundtrack would help? Well, enjoy the ride by watching the video below.