Hyundai introduces a hydrogen powered Blue2 concept


Nissan got the Esflow, and now Hyundai wants an alternative fuel-cell sports car as well. This week Hyundai will be unveiling its its new Blue2 fuel-cell concept car at the Seoul Motor Show. Hyundai hopes that the Blue2 fuel-cell concept car will help propel its brand as the leader in FCEV market, and this will be the company’s first sedan-style Fuel Cell Electric Vehicle (FCEV) powered by hydrogen.

This stunning Blue2 concept incorporated new innovative technology and dynamic design to provide the optimum energy efficiency and futuristic styling. The cutting edge Blue 2 concept will show Hyundai’s future in the green car market. It uses a combination of low-resistance tires and alloy to improve aerodynamic performance, while the exterior designs flow inside the vehicle, with asymmetrically-designed dashboards and door system that recognizes the driver to open automatically when approached.

The Hyundai Blue2 gears toward at futuristic driving experience. Within the interior, it combined the instrument cluster and center fascia with Transparent Organic Light Emitting Diode monitor and ultra-light tempered glass to provide clear graphic information, sort of like the monitor in the Minority Report movie.

All the new technology goodies seem good in the concept form, but it is not cost effective to produce. But the major innovate design by Hyundai is its hydrogen fuel-cell powerplant, which we will likely see it in production form. The hydrogen powertrain produces about 120 horsepower and will return about 34.9 km/L or 82.1 mpg in U.S. cycle.

We’ll have more details when the Hyundai showcases at the 2011 Seoul Motor Show.