Toyota Prius is in short supply and in high demand


The Toyota Prius is a popular hybrid car in the United States and else where in world, especially in California. Due to the recent earthquake and tusumai in Japan that devastated the region, the majority of Japanese auto plants are left temporarily out of operation. According to the Los Angeles Times, it reports that the Toyota Prius is currently in short supply and will not meet the demand here in California.

Many Toyota dealers currently have less than a two-week supply of the Toyota Prius in their inventories, while others have zero models in stock. Toyota is working around the clock to reopen its auto plants in Japan. As a matter of fact, last week it had resumed operation on the Toyota Prius production, but it is running at half capacity due to shortage of parts.

Many major car buyers are feeling the pinch, and they are putting in large orders ahead of time. The Prius plant is the only Japanese auto facility that is currently up and running, and this will become an issue as the Prius inventories run out by this April and May.

If you are in the market for a Toyota Prius, you should need to move your buying schedule up. When May hits, the Toyota Prius will be hard to come by as well as in negotiating for a better deal if you happen to find one available.