BMW to debut stripped-out M3 at M Festival


BMW will be bringing a stripped-out version of the M3 sedan to the M Festival at the 24 Hours of Nürburgring race later this year. The stripped out M3 sedan is supposed to be really light weight with much of the amenities, carpet and leather seats are all stripped out from the sedan.

During the photo shoot, BMW had the stripped-out M3’s windows all darkened up, so we can’t really tell what things were taken out. In addition, BMW is keeping a tight lip on the exact details of the this M3 sedan. But what we have known so far is that it carried a V8 engine producing close to 420 horsepower, and with other modifications such as brakes, suspension and exhaust.

We expect a lot of BMW M3 enthusiasts are curious of what exactly got stripped out of this M3 so they can do the same on their cars. We have more details when it hits the race track this June.