2011 Volkswagen Jetta low base price comes at a cost


Even though the new 2011 Volkswagen Jetta is priced lower at $15,995 to make it affordable, but that comes at a price. Consumer Reports has rated the the new 2011 Volkswagen Jetta to be sub-par compared to other low price sedans. It ranked last among 11 small sedans tested in its magazine, April edition.

According to David Champion, a senior director of the group’s Auto Test Center says, “In an effort to bring the car’s starting price down, VW cheapened the previous Jetta’s interior and suspension, making it less sophisticated and compromising handling.”

Consumer Reports described the 2011 VW Jetta is poorly built in terms of handling and quality, calling it “a shadow of the agile, well-finished car it once was.” We couldn’t blame Volkswagen for the price it offered on the Jetta. At $15,995 base price, the 2011 Jetta isn’t exactly what you would want to call a performance sedan in the first place. But if you want performance and agility, get yourself the new VW Polo.

The bottom line here is that the 2011 Jetta is the best bang for the buck and you get what you pay for. And the 2011 VW Jetta’s increased sales proves that it got consumers’ approval.

Among the vehicles tested against the 2011 VW Jetta were the Chevrolet Cruze in both LS and LT trims and the Hyundai Elantra. The Cruze models are now rated at the middle of CR’s small sedan pack, with a Very Good overall score. The Elantra came on top for the best small sedan in its class, which got the Consumer Reports’ check of “Recommendation”.