Capstone’s CMT-380 hybrid supercar runs on batteries and a jet engine


Capstone Turbine unleashes the beasty CMT-380 prototype with a jet engine. It combines the former with a diesel / biodiesel-powered microturbine (a jet engine) with an electric motor. The 380 is an extraordinary supercar with design work from Electronic Arts’ creative director Richard Hilleman. The 380 reaches 60 miles an hour in 3.9 seconds (faster than a Porsche 911 Turbo). and travels 80 miles from a full charge before the turbine starts generating power.

Capstone’s CMT-380 car can reach 60 mph from in just 3.9 seconds with speed limit to 150MPH before being cut off by the electronic limiter.  It can run up to 80 miles on battery power alone.  Once the turbine is running, an additional 420 miles of driving range come into play. This bad boy is estimated at $200,000, which is almost twice as the Tesla car.

[Source  Capstone Turbine]