New Ferrari 599 to have at least 700 horsepower under the hood


Supercars such as the Ferrari 599 were known for its staggering horsepower in the past, but that no longer holds true in this modern era. Take the new 2012 Super Snake Mustang for an example, it has an 800-horsepower V8 engine that would put the current Ferrari 599 to shame. What to do if you were a supercar? Raise that darn V12 engine’s power output up, of course.

It is not like Ferrari can’t build an 800-horsepower engine, but supercars like the Ferrari 599 is not all about horsepower; it has to balance between power and handling.

With that, Ferrari plans to up the ante of its V12 engine to be at least 700 horsepower, which gives it an edge over other supercars such as the new Lamborhini Aventador. The new Ferrari 599 will be powered by the next generation of the direct-injection 6.3-litre V12, which is capable of 833 hp in the FXX Evoluzione.

The current V12 engine puts out about 612 horsepower for the Ferrari 599 GTB, 661 hp for the Ferrari GTO, and as much as 833 horsepower for the FXX Evoluzione. But like we mentioned earlier of “balance between power and handling”, and we expect the new Ferrari 599 to have at least 750 horsepower under its hood.

Source: Autocar