Lexus LF-Gh Concept unwrapped with video


Just last week, Lexus released a few teaser photos of its new LF-Gh Concept. Today, Lexus has decided to unwrapped it before the upcoming New York Auto Show.

The Lexus LF-Gh, which stands for Lexus Future Grand-Touring Hybrid, is a new design that offers modern, sporty styling with a touch of aggressiveness and bold stance. It will set a new foundation in Lexus future hybrid performance cars in terms of  performance and environmentally conscientious.

According to Kengo Matsumoto, general manager of Toyota’s Lexus Design Division:

“For this concept, Lexus designers studied characteristics that are often considered contradictory and difficult to execute together. The captivating design of the LF-Gh concept examines the possibility of balancing what are normally opposing qualities, such as style and functionality.”

According to its moniker, the LF-Gh Concept will definite be powered by a hybrid powertrain. It is not known what kind of hybrid system will be in the LF-Gh, but we are definitely sure that it will use something of similar from the Lexus LS hybrid. Although Lexus claims that the rear-wheel-drive LF-Gh will offer “multiple occupants at higher speeds on long-distance drives,” it could resort to a more fuel-efficient hybrid system from the Toyota Prius instead.

Only exterior and a few sneak-peak interior photos available for now, Lexus leaves the interior of the LF-Gh to our imagination. Stay tuned as we have more coverage of the LF-Gh concept later this month at New York Auto Show.