2013 Dodge Viper with stability control system


The next-generation Dodge Viper is currently under testing, and Chrysler is planning to release it by 2012 as a 2013 model. Today, Chrysler released its first photo of the Dodge Viper in testing of its new stability control system.

The Dodge Viper has been a beast in the horsepower realm, but it lacks the comfort and stability to make it an enjoyable car. So, Chrysler is revising its chassis along with the powertrain.

Word has it that the next-generation Dodge Viper should have around 700 horsepower, but whether it will be on the old V10 engine or a forced induction V8 engine is still in the planning. Either way, power and pricing should be comparable to the new Corvette ZR1 or Nissan GT-R to make it sensible to buy.

The picture showing is based on the 2012 Dodge Viper, and it is mainly used for testing the stability control system. Chrysler is working on a fresh look for the 2013 Dodge Viper, which will make its debut in late 2012.