Mazda CX-5 compact crosssover confirmed for production


Mazda has just confirmed the production of the new compact crossover CX-5. Just as we reported earlier, the Madza CX-5’s design cues are heavily derived from the Mazda Minagi Concept.

The Mazda CX-5 CUV will be the first production vehicle to feature Mazda’s new “KODO” design theme, and breakthrough SKYACTIV technologies, including engines, transmissions, body and chassis to lower overall body mass for improved fuel efficiency and performance.

The Mazda CX-5 CUV is a very attractive, luxurious-looking crossover indeed, and lets hope that this little small CUV will be not so expensive like the luxury models from BMW and Mercedes-Benz.

The new Mazda CX-5 will make its debut at the Frankfurt Motor Show in September 2011, and it will be available at dealerships in 2012.