Video: Oullim Motors shows the build process of its new Spirra supercar


If you have never seen the details that go into building a super sports car before, here is your chance. Oullim Motors just released a video of the build process of its new Spirra supercar.

The video shows an all hand-crafted process of building these supercars. Everything is hand crafted from the clay model all the way up to the interior design.The result is a hand-crafted Spirra supercar that looks like a perfectly machine-made car came from an assembly line and a computer modeling.

The Spirra supercar is very light, which weighs in about 2,600 pounds.. It is powered by a powerful natural aspirated 500-horsepower engine. Buyers will also have a choice of a 2.7-liter engine producing 175 horsepower as well, but that just defeats the idea of buying this super sports car in the first place.

Check out the video of the details that goes into buildign this supercar.