Luxurious Interior and Touchscreen for the 2011 Lincoln MKX Crossover


The new 2011 Lincoln MKX Crossover got an upgrade in its interior design, which includes connect technology that provides a smarter, safer, simpler way to connect drivers with in-car digitals. Drivers can easy access to media or vehicle information at the tip of their fingers through an 8-inch touchscreen, five-way switches on the steering wheel or by voice commands. Now that is really in touch with your car!  Shall we say,” Man and machine as one?”  From these controls, drivers would be able to turn on cabin lights, music, adjust fan speed or music volume.

But that is not all in the interior upgrade for the 2011 Lincoln MKX Crossover, there are two full-color 4.2-inch LCD screens in the instrument cluster with surrounded chrome trim. The left LCD includes standard vehicle information such as trip odometers, average fuel economy and vehicle settings. While the right LCD allows drivers to interface with multimedia technology like music or movies.   All of these gadgets are wrapped in the all-new leather-trimmed seats, comfort sections and standard tuxedo stripe  to embrace the new 2011 Lincoln MKX Crossover DNA sew style. Below is a demonstration of the Lincoln MKX Crossover’s MyTouch system.

  • With an improved interior, more powerful engine, decent handling, good fuel economy and lots of standard equipments, the 2011 Lincoln MKX is better engineered and tightly built vehicle. When it comes to midsize SUV, buyers usually prefer General Motors Cadillac SRX over Ford’s Lincoln MKX. However, I actually prefer MKX to the SRX due to better fuel economy, excellent fit and finish as well as decent acceleration.