Pioneer is developing car AppRadio with multi-touch like iPhone apps


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By now, we are pretty sure that the car audio aftermarket business is dying, but Pioneer is about to leap it forward with today’s technology, Pioneer is developing a head unit that features a muli-touch user interface that looks similar to the iPhone OS.

The Pioneer AppRadio with model number SPH-DA01 is a double-din head unit, which consists of a radio part and a computer part. Why the user interface is similar to the iPhone OS? Very simple, the Pioneer AppRadio is developed to sync with the iPhone and iPod. We are not sure how the Pioneer software is messed with the iOS, but we are assuming that the Pioneer AppRadio probably runs with multiple apps developed specific for the iOS, and this technique has already found in the Pioneer high-end home receivers.

Anyways, the Pioneer AppRadio will be released to the car radio aftermaket will come with a 6.1-inch capacitive multi-touch screen. It also includes USP ports, S-Video and RCA outputs, and with a 30-pin Apple dock to mount either an iPod or iPhone. This is an impressive device by Pioneer, because the possibilities of entertainment in your are endless, such as from browsing the web to download a video to watch on the 6.1-inch screen or porting to a larger LED screen with the S-video connector.

As of now, the AppRadio is designed specifically for iOS 4.1 devices, which means that Android users are left. But have no fear, with millions of Android users, surely a similar application for Android devices will follow.

Along with the iOS apps, the Pioneer AppRadio also comes with Pandora and iHeartRadio. And basic radio and navigation functions such as standard Bluetooth connectivity, AM/FM stereo, MicroSD slot and GPS.

There’s no word on price or availability yet, but we expect to see it at the next CES in Las Vegas.

Source: CrunchGear