2012 Toyota FT-86 confirms with 2.0-liter boxer engine and 6-speed gearbox


Toyota just confirmed powertrain specs for the upcoming 2012 Toyota FT-86 sports car. Today, Toyota Motor European Division announced that the 2012 FT-86 will be powered by a Subaru’s boxer engine with Toyota’s D-4s injection system.

Subaru just recently developed the new 2.0-liter boxer engine for the 2012 Impreza. From what we know, this new engine produces about 148 horsepower and 145 lb-ft of torque. But with the addition of Toyota’s D-4s injection system, it could be around 165 to 180 horsepower. The flat four-cylinder engine will be mated to a six-speed manual gearbox or six-speed automatic transmission with paddle shifters. Power is transferred to the rear wheels via a limited-slip differential to provide optimum traction.

With the front engine and rear-wheel drive setup, Toyota promises that the 2012 Toyota FT-86 compact sports car will have a balance weight distribution and low center of gravity.

  • FT86Iwannaone

    I saw this car on the road the other day, all supped up, and it looks awesome. I was salivating as it passed by me.

  • Hdsracing

    Weak only 60 -80 hp more than my ae86. Lol and the car is 30 years newer… Oh wait my ae86 only weights 2500 pounds. I’m sure this one will weight more than 3500 no doubt. I might have a chance burning it lol…..

  • Kylegauthier

    def needs a turbo. A car looking that good with less than 200 hp is very disappointing.  Hopefully they can get it to put out around 300 hp without the price climbing to much. 

  • Vincent

    Toyota is trying to reduce the initial cost on this car, but hopefully we may see a turbo version later on; just like the MR2 turbo.

  • Jar2709

    Need to offer this car with a turbo setup to make it complete. The low horse power is it’s only draw back in my opinion. Scion needs to release a model that has the turbo to compete with cars such as the subuaru or even the doge srt4. People would enjoy the car more if the was a option that came setup with a turbocharger.