Volkswagen Polo R WRC to enter 2013 World Rally Championship


Looks like Volkswagen is brining the new Polo R WRC to the rally scene. It has been awhile since the VW GTI won its championship in 1986, but in the past three years, VW had won three consecutive victories at the Dakar Rally, and now the introduction Polo R WRC in the A-Class category shows that VW is at the top of its game.

And since the BMW Mini is back in the rally scene, Volkswagen wants that piece of the action as well. The all-wheel-drive Polo R WRC will participate in the 2013 World Rally Championship. And this time, the new Polo R WRC is a much powerful car than that of the 1986 VW GTI. The new Polo R WRC is packing major heat in its little turbocharged 1.6-liter engine. How much heat we are talking about? Well, it’s 300 horsepower.

Check out the teaser video to see the Polo R WRC below.