2012 Honda Civic Wagon coming to Europe


Honda will be adding a Honda Civic station wagon variant to its lineup since its first introduction more than a decade ago with the Civic Aerodeck station wagon.

The Honda Civic Wagon will be designed to be roomy, versatile and fuel efficient for a small modern family. We expect the new Honda Civic Wagon to be powered by the same engines such as the current 100-hp 1.3-liter i-VTEC engine with its hybrid variant that are found in the Jazz Hybrid and Insight. And there maybe a 1.6-liter turbodiesel engine for the European market as well.

It is expected the new 2012 Honda Civic Wagon will arrive in Europe somewhere in late 2012. Whether the U.S. will get the 2012 Civic Wagon is still up in the air, but naturally, U.S. customers welcome such an addition. [5/5/2011]

Update: 9/28/2012

Today at the 2012 Paris Motor Show, Honda’s European president, Manabu Nishimae, announced a new Civic wagon-style model that will be added, along with the Type R version, to the Civic lineup in 2015. Based on the design sketch, it appears to be the longer with a flatter roofline and more upright D-pillar. Honda says this sketch is a glimpse at a Civic wagon concept that we will be seeing next year.

Here is an excerpt from the press release at the 2012 Paris Motor Show:

“A new derivative of Honda’s European Civic will be introduced in the form of a Civic ‘wagon’ model. A concept model will be shown next year.”

Even though 2015 is about two years from now, the company states that the 2015 Civic Wagon will be powered by the new 1.6 i-DTEC engine, which will be available on all Honda Civic models as well. Details are still scant, so stay tuned for more as this post will be updated regularly on coming news of the Civic wagon.

  • moshood

    Have been waiting 4 dis day know it has come honda have prove me right pls how can I get one am from nigeria

  • Wagonboy

    wow! this car is perfect.please release in canada or im buying a mazda. and we want it in diesel if possible. 

  • Angelopazdesousa

    Estão de parabéns, afinal para criar uma máquina dessas, tem que ter muita criatividade,
    bom gosto e o mais importante , amar o que faz.

  • Angelopazdesousa

    é simplesmente sensacional

  • Bart

    ya, Honda doesn’t care about us in Canada…no Civic hatchback, ugly American Accord, not like the one in Europe, no diesel, no 5 or 6 speed manual in so many models, and now the wagon which we won’t get in Canada…for the last 20 years I’m buying Hondas, but I think too like some of you… it’s to change… 
    Thanks Honda so much…at least Nissan is trying!

  • andries

    If you do not release these in Canada I will no longer buy a Honda. Time to shop Korean. :/

  • WagovanMan

    Please, Honda, do. I very much want to have a replacement for my wagon if it ever goes, and it has proven very handy every single day I’ve had it. From hauling newspapers in the front seat, to hauling musical instruments in the back, it’s done it all. And been as reliable as I could want.

    I do want a civic wagon. Badly.

    If it had a diesel, even better. Watch out VW Golf Wagon TDI, your days are numbered.

    I hope.