Video: Navigation 3D concept from MIT and Volkswagen


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The idea of having a 3D navigation image projected onto the car windshield sounds great, but not if it is done while you are driving. We are already distracted enough to the point that the government had to ban against any usage of the cell phone while driving. 

But that didn’t stop the engineers at MIT and Volkswagen to create such a device, and it is called the AIDA Project, which stands for¬†Affective, Intelligent Driving Agent. Really? If you see the video below, it looks like if the driver is pretty much interacting with a giant cell phone screen on the windshield. Might as well throw in a movie along side with it.

Don’t get us wrong, this would make a cool technology for watching a movie or browsing the internet when the car is parked. But if the U.S. Department of Transportation¬†Secretary Ray LaHood sees this as an interactive navigation device, he would probably flip out his chair for sure.