Volkswagen thinking of 2012 Beetle R version


We have seen quiet a few “R” versions from the Volkswagen such as the Golf R, the Polo R. And now could it possibly be a VW Beetle R coming soon? What you see are the photos that realistically portray the new Beetle R.

According to Car and Driver, it is reporting that VW has officially announced that a high-performance Beetle R will be available in the U.S late in 2012. If that such a case, we expect the the Beetle R to be powered by a 2.0T engine producing 265 horsepower. That would make an enticing Beetle for U.S. customers, and surely will boast its masculinity image quite a bit.

Stay tuned as we’ll have more details about the Beetle R coming soon.

Source: Car and Driver & Theophiluschin