SR Project Ferrari 458 Italia looks futuristic by Novitec tuner


Can you actually make the Ferrari 458 Italia looks any better? It is not easy, but we think Novitec tuner has managed to do so. Novitec introduces the SR Project Ferrari 458 that is painted in satin charcoal silver color. The body color is matched with the “Zeus” satin black alloy wheels that are 20-inch in front and 21-inch in the rear.

Along with the distinctive black alloy wheels from the Forged Pointed company, Novitec added a black front lip spoiler, side skirts, airfoil, and a black roof as well.

But that is not all, Novitec added new lowering springs as well, as if the Ferrari 458 Italy wasn’t low enough already. And to boost power a bit, a new exhaust system from Akrapovic helps move the spent gas out faster. As a result, power and torque in the SR Project Ferrari 458 increased a bit at 11 horsepower and 19 pound-feet of torque. The total power and torque on the SR Project Ferrari 458 are now at 581 horsepower and 417 pound-feet, respectively.