2013 BMW i3 with 160-mile driving range


BMW is planning for the release of its new i3 electric car by early 2013, and it will have a sticker price of around $35,000. The BMW i3 (a.k.a. Megacity Vehicle) is a full electric car, which BMW designated it for city commuters.

The BMW i3 is driven by a rear-mounted electric motor with the battery pack located under the floor. The battery is able to provide enough juice for about 160 miles before a recharge. Top speed is said to be around 100 mph per hour, but of course, at that speed to be limited to around 80 miles or so.

Like most electric vehicles, luggage space is plenty. But the BMW i3 has an oddly luggage room of 14.1 cubic feet, which splits between the space behind the rear seats and under the front hood.

BMW plans to produce about 40,000 units of the i3 per year. Check out the video below of the 2013 BMW i3 in testing.

Source: Car and Driver