Toyota plans to introduce a larger Prius V with dedicated seven seats


The new Prius V five-seater minivan is schdedule to arrive in U.S. by this fall, and yet Toyota has already been considering the development of a bigger version that will have seating for up to seven passengers.

According to Bob Carter, Toyota Division general manager, who told Autoweek that although Toyota has not made a final decision yet, a dedicated 7-seater Prius minivan for the North American market is “being seriously studied”. Instead of using the remodeled Prius Alpha or the European specification Prius+, which both have a retractable third row of seats in the cargo area, the new dedicated 7-seater Prius will be totally re-designed to provide ample cargo space and meet the 40 miles per gallon criterion.

According to Autoweek, manager of product planning Ben Mitchell confirmed that a number of proposals for new hybrid vehicles in different segments are already on the table, and it is including a larger dedicated 7-seater Prius minivan.

Source: Autoweek