BMW M3 Carbon Fiber Limited Edition available only in China


BMW has been releasing a stream of limited edition cars to the Chinese market, and to keep that stream flowing smoothly, BMW just released the M3 Carbon Fiber Limited Edition for Chinese customers. The BMW M3 Carbon Fiber Limited Edition is priced at 1.23 million yuan ($189,800), and of which only 111 units will be built.

The latest BMW M3 Carbon Fiber Limited Edition will be available only in China, and as the name says, it is wrapped with carbon fiber material throughout the car. No mechanical changes are made. The BMW M3 Carbon Fiber Limited Edition is offered in white metallic finish along with contrasting black stripes that run from the front headlights to all the way to the rear end.

Other carbon fiber pieces on the exterior include a carbon fiber roof, carbon fiber front lip splitters, carbon fiber trunk spoiler and hood inlets. And to compliment  the carbon fiber look, BMW added a set of gloss-black 19-inch alloy wheels.

Finally in the interior, the carbon fiber theme continues with the carbon fiber dashboard and door panels as well. And even the black leather seats feature carbon fiber patterned material.

Source: Autohome via BMWblog