Toyota Prius hybrid comes with new Plus Performance Package


Toyota is upping the ante on the performance of the Prius hybrid model. Sure, the gas-saver car its nice to have but with a bit more sportiness would would be icing on the cake. With that, Toyota has just announced the Plus Performance Package for Prius hybrid model.

The Plus Performance Package for the Prius hybrid was developed by no other than Toyota’s in-house racing development team, TRD.

The Prius Plus Performance Package is a limited-edition run. It features components of the new PLUS hybrid performance line from Toyota Racing Development (TRD), and available with a choice of four different exterior colors: Blizzard Pearl, Classic Silver Metallic, Black and Winter Gray Metallic.

The Prius Plus Performance Package comes with a body kit to provide a sporty appearance and lower the car’s drag coefficient, which includes front and rear lower spoilers, side skirts and a rear diffuser. Along with the body kit, the car has been lowered to about 1.1 inches front and 1.3 inches in the rear. And if that didn’t make the Prius Plus Performance Package sportier enough, Toyota even throw in a set of 17-inch alloy wheels wrapped in low-rolling-resistance 215/45R17 tires to help close in the fender gap even further.

Toyota is really serious about the Prius Plus Performance Package model sporty performance. It added a rear sway bar to help reduce body roll, and unique badges to show off its new demeanor. Surprisingly, the performance package is mostly about look and less go. No horsepower gain for this performance package upgrade. Hence, the term “performance” in the package could be misleading.

The Prius Plus Performance Package can be fitted to any existing Prius model.  But new Prius customers can add the package for an extra $3,699 over the sticker price on the Prius Two, Three and Four models, or an extra $2,999 for the Prius Five.

Customers can start ordering the limited-edition 2011 Prius PLUS Performance Package by the beginning of July.