2012 all-electric Scion iQ confirms for launch by Toyota


During Toyota’s annual national dealer meeting in Las Vegas today, Toyota has confirmed that it will launch the electric Scion iQ in 2012. Although Toyota has no specific date to when the 2012 Scion iQ electric will be available at dealership yet, but it stated that the all-electric Scion iQ will be in America in less than 18 months from now.

The new 2012 all-electric Scion iQ is pretty much a rebaged of the Toyota iQ EV, and it is estimated to have a driving range of 50 miles on battery power alone. That is a bit skim compared to the 73-mile rated Nissan Leaf, 85-mile Mitsubishi i, and last but not least, the 100-mile rated City electric from Think Global company. Even though the Scion iQ has a 50 mile driving range, it is probably going to be rated around 40 miles or less. Car manufacterurers do tend to rate their cars in an ideal condition, not real world condition. At a 50-mile driving range, one would question the limitation of the 2012 Scion iQ electric. Is a rated 40-mile driving range be enough? It may for a small segment of the city population, but it may not be versatible that’s for sure.

Truely, the 2012 all-electric Scion iQ to face some fierce competition. The way we see it, in order for the 2012 Scion iQ electric to survive this competition, Toyota has to either place the Scion iQ’s price lower than the competitors or increase its driving range; or both.

Of course, we will have to wait to see the what’s the MSRP and its rated drivng range on the battery pack in order to make the final judgement on the on the 2012 all-electric Scion iQ.